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Cumbria Storage Systems Ltd provides business solutions to local industry and commerce organisations throughout Cumbria and the Lake District.

Storage and materials handling
We offer storage and materials handling ideas to suit all budgets. Whether it be for the warehouse, shop, office, sports centre or factory we have the experience to offer effective space management. Let us at Cumbria Storage Systems Ltd help you to create space and reduce costs.

We have a team of specialists able to offer a projects service for shelving, partitioning, flooring and racking solutions. We work with you from the initial stages of layout through to design ideas. We will then provide a professional installation and commissioning service backed by safety maintenance inspections and carried out to SEMA standards by our qualified SEMA Approved Racking Inspector (SARI). Each part of the process is backed by Cumbria Storage Systems Ltd renowned experience and expertise.

Online catalogue
Cumbria Storage Systems Ltd has over 10,000 products in our online catalogue. Catering for the business needs of all aspects of the industry and commerce from reception to the rest room, from the canteen to the car park. The business products are available to order from our online shop 24 hours a day.

Product sourcing
We have an experienced sourcing team who are able to source countrywide. Don't waste time looking yourself; let Cumbria Storage Systems Ltd carry out a search for that particular product or non-standard item for you.

Cumbria storage System Ltd - The Complete Storage Handling Package

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