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Cumbria Storage Systems Ltd - The Complete Storage Handling Package


What do the major manufacturing and service companies from all business sectors in the Cumbria area have in common?

Over the years they have all come to rely on Cumbria Storage Systems Ltd to provide them with a wide range of products and services.

Our people are committed to meeting all of your needs whatever the kind of working environments. It may be:

The Office - Overcome your accommodation problems by adding a mezzanine floor to the existing premises for the new sales department. We can even provide you with new furniture to put in it!

The Warehouse - We can solve your storage handling problems with cantilever or pallet racking and the trucks and trolleys to move your products.

The Shop - We can supply everything from the shelving to signage, from racking to ramps.

From our vast selection of suppliers such as Bott Ltd, Troax Group and Redirack UK Ltd we are confident that we can source all your business needs.

Cumbria storage System Ltd - The Complete Storage Handling Package Optimum Storage